# Getting help

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Information – Treezor API Status available at all times

A real-time status of Treezor's API services is available at treezor.statuspage.io (opens new window).

The answers to your questions may be available in the following articles:

# Contacting Treezor Support

When opening a ticket (opens new window), make sure to provide:

  • The request – The API request made, including the URI, the HTTP verb, and the payload.
  • The response – The response returned by the API, including the HTTP Status Code and the payload.
  • The expected behavior – The description of what should have occurred.
  • The actual behavior – The description of what actually occurred.
  • The date and time – The approximate date and time at which the request was sent (for us to check the logs).

The more detailed (opens new window) your message is, the better and quicker Treezor can assist!

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Security – Never share your credentials with Treezor

You must redact the token or credentials when sharing an issue. If somebody asks for your credentials, report them immediately by opening a ticket (opens new window).

Last Updated: 4/10/2024, 7:14:25 AM