# Introduction

Treezor allows your end users to cash checks.

Checks are a traditional means of physical payment, mapped to Payin objects, with a paymentMethodId attribute set to 26.

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Configuration – Checks are not enabled by default

You can request access to this feature by contacting your Treezor Account Manager.

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Important – Limitations

  • Recipient name on the check must match the Wallet owner name.
  • Maximum amount set by Treezor. Contact your Treezor Account Manager to define your limit.

# Process

Check cashing into a Wallet implies the creation of the relevant object in Treezor API and the physical handling of checks so that they can be processed.

The steps are the following:

  1. You create a Payin (paymentMethodId 26)
  2. Treezor sends you a payin.create webhook (status 151124) allowing you to mail the check in
  3. You mail in the physical check to the indicated postal address
  4. The check is processed by Treezor's partner and is either:
    • Accepted – The payinStatus is set to VALIDATED
    • Refused – The payinStatus is set to CANCELED and the check is mailed back to you.

The processing of a check follows strict delays:

  • Delay between the check Payin creation and physical check reception can't exceed 14 days
  • Delay between the physical check reception and the validation can't be lower than 11 days
Check lifecycle
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Tip – Check lifecycles examples are available

Refer to the Lifecycle section for more information.

# Anatomy of a check

The physical check contains information that you have to include in the corresponding Payin object.

Check illustration
Section Description
CMC7 line The unique identifier of the physical check printed in magnetic ink at the bottom of the check. Made up of:
  • CMC7A – The first part of the CMC7 line
  • CMC7B – The second part of the CMC7 line
  • CMC7C – The third part of the CMC7 line
RLMC key The 2-character key, enclosed by <> or () used to check the integrity of the CMC7 line (%97.)
Drawer Information about the user who emitted the check.
Beneficiary The user who receives the check and cashes it.

# Key attributes

Checks rely on the Payin object. Below are some of the relevant Payin attributes when it comes to cashing checks.

Attribute Type Description
paymentMethodId integer The payment method. For checks, this value is always 26.
payinStatus string The status of the check cashing process. May be one of the following:
  • PENDING – Waiting for payment
  • VALIDATED – Payment is validated
  • CANCELED – Payment is canceled
amount float The amount of the check.
currency string The currency of the check.
additionalData object Contains the cmc7 line, the drawer data and the RLMC key of the check.
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API – Swagger documentation available

Refer to the Payins in the Swagger documentation for a complete list of Checks attributes.

# Additional Data (additionalData)

The additionalData object allows you to provide information that is available on the physical check.

# Status Codes (codeStatus)

Code Description
140001 Payment is pending, request is being processed by our partner
140004 The cheque Payin has been cancelled before the reception at the treatment center.
140005 Funds received by Treezor. Payin is validated and funds are usable on the wallet.
151124 The cheque can now be sent to the treatement center
151125 The controls of the cheque have failed.
151126 The payment has been invalidated by our partner.
151129 Cheque has been successfully treated. Waiting for bank settlement
151130 Payment is in the 11 working days delay period, to prevent bounced cheques.
151132 The check has been received by the treatment center of our partner.
151134 The check has not been received by the treatement center in the allowed delay of 14 calendar days
151136 Check rejected
170001 Refund request
170005 Refund validated

# Structure

# Endpoints

Endpoint Description Scope
/v1/payins Create a check payin read_write
/v1/payins Search for check payins read_only
/v1/payins/{payinId} Retrieve a check payin using its id read_only
/v1/payins/{payinId} Delete a check payin read_write
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