# Creating your company

Before starting with any of the use cases, you first need to verify your company, which means going through the KYC/KYB process for your company’s legal representative and shareholders, as well as your company as a legal entity.

We propose two guides to help you through the onboarding of your company:

# No-code guide

Recommended for people who wish to get started with no development effort.

Once in possession of your credentials to access your Dashboard, you’re good to go!

Start your no-code implementation →

# API guide (coming soon)

Recommended for people with experience working with APIs.

Once you’ve got your credentials, you’re good to set up your favorite development and testing tools (e.g., set up our Postman Collection).

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Important – Rely on the KYC Form shared with you by Treezor

All the requirements for declarative data and supporting documents are available in your KYC form.

# Functional architecture

Your company is a legal entity, to which are attached (with a children-parent relationship) its shareholders (UBOs) and its legal representative.

Use cases also rely on a Master Wallet, which is directly attached to your legal entity, and through which all the funds will be transitting.

functional architecture diagram

# Keywords

Find below a few terms specific to the guides.

If you have any doubts, you may find more definitions in the Glossary.

# Know Your Business (KYB)

KYB stands for Know Your Business and, in this guide, covers the verification process of:

  • Your company (as a legal entity)
  • Its legal representative
  • Its shareholders

User (legal entities and individuals) verification is a legal and mandatory process. All banking institutions are subject to these rules, as part of the AML/CFT. Without being verified, your company won’t be allowed to use the funds stored in its wallet.

This process is very similar to the KYC (Know Your Customer) process through which your end users may have to go. You will find the term KYC in the guide, especially when referring to the Dashboard screens for instance.

Treezor Compliance creates a KYC Form which is specific for your company. You must abide by the documents and declarative data to be provided for your company to be verified.

# Shareholders

As part of the KYB process, you must declare and verify any shareholder who owns 25% or more of your company (directly or via a holding company). These majority shareholders are usually defined as ultimate beneficial owners (UBO) or beneficial owners.

For convenience purposes, this guide will use the term shareholder.

The legal representative is the person legally appointed to represent your company.

They are the signatory for all company operational activities, and they must ensure the good operation and standing of the company.

# Master Wallet

The Master Wallet refers to the single wallet attached to a company through which all the funds transit.

You may also find the term Titres Spéciaux de Paiements.

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