# Introduction

The Use Cases section of the documentation provides step-by-step guides (either no-code or API) to help users through the integration of common use cases without in-depth support from you Treezor Implementation Manager.

Nevertheless, you are still required to abide by the following:

  • KYC Form – Treezor provided you a KYC Form listing the documents and declarative data you must provide for each type of user.
  • Implementation best practices – Treezor will validate your implementation to make sure you abide by regulations and requirements.

You should only go through those guides if you've been oriented to them by Treezor.

# About Strong Customer Authentication

Usually, Treezor won't request your implement strong customer authentication for use cases. However, your local regulator (e.g., la Banque de France for French companies) may require you declare sensitive end users' actions.

In the use case articles, actions to declare are flagged with the badges. You may use either Treezor SCA endpoints or your own solution to implement SCA.

Learn more in the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) documentation.

Updated on: 4/17/2024, 4:27:51 PM