# Conversions

Converting a card consists in turning a virtual card into a physical one. The availability of this option depends on your Card Program.

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Important – Only virtual cards can be converted

You cannot turn a physical card into a virtual one. It's best you to anticipate your user's needs and provide them with the appropriate type of card initially, as to avoid issuing multiple cards.

# From virtual to physical

When converting a Virtual Card to a Physical one, the Card's information (PAN, Expiration Date, CVC, Public Token) all remain unchanged.

The Card settings (Payment limits, PermsGroup) also remain unchanged.

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Information – Conversion requires a delivery address for the Physical Card

If the User doesn't already have an address defined, you have to update it beforehand.

# Example

Outputs a Card object, with a virtualConverted attribute set to 1.

Updated on: 5/14/2024, 8:47:34 AM