# Multi-Criteria Dynamic Card (MDC)

The Multi-Criteria Dynamic Card (MDC) is a rules engine allowing you to authorize or refuse Card Transactions using powerful yet human-readable decision trees known as Rulesets.

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Configuration – MDC is not enabled by default.

You can request access to this feature by contacting your Treezor Account Manager.

# Use Cases

The Multi-Criteria Dynamic Card rules engine is extremely flexible and has many use cases that can be categorized as follows.

# Controlling Card Transactions

You can use MDC to restrict a Card usage to predefined scenarios. For instance, in the case of meal vouchers, you may allow payments in restaurants and food outlets while denying the use of the Card to buy other goods.

# Tracking Card Transactions

MDC allows you to tag and group transactions by purpose. To do so, define Rulesets that match certain types of transactions. Once identified, you can categorize transactions and display them to your customers as you see fit.

For instance, you can display in separate virtual Wallets transportation and food-related expenses.

# Flow

The use of the Mutli-Criteria Dynamic Card (MDC) feature can be summed up with the following diagram.

# Set up

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Reading – Restricted API Documentation

Read all you need to know about managing Rulesets in the Multi-Criteria Dynamic Card (opens new window) article of the Support Center.

# Endpoints

Endpoint Description
/v1/mdc/rulesets Create a Ruleset
/v1/mdc/rulesets/{rulesetId} Update a Ruleset
/v1/mdc/rulesets/{rulesetId} Retrieve a Ruleset
/v1/mdc/rulesets/{rulesetId} Delete a Ruleset
/v1/mdc/{cardId}/rulesets Assign a Ruleset to a Card
/v1/mdc/{cardId}/rulesets Retrieve a Card Rulesets
/v1/mdc/rulesets Retrieve all Rulesets (which supports cursor-based pagination)
/v1/mdc/{cardId}/ruleset/{rulesetId}/factsBalance Retrieve the virtual balance of a Ruleset
Updated on: 4/30/2024, 12:23:09 PM