# MID Metadata

To help you manage MID and MID restrictions, Treezor provides endpoints to add and retrieve metadata associated to MIDs. This allows you a retrieve more human-readable lists or associate any relevant information to MIDs.


# Add metadata

💡 Note that the mid attribute is reserved and cannot be specified as metadata.

Output the same object that was provided.

# Add metadata in bulk

Returns a 204 HTTP Status Code without any content.

# Retrieve metadata

💡 If nothing there is no metadata, returns an empty array {}

# Retrieve metadata in bulk

# MID Restriction Groups

You can also retrieve the MIDs contained within a group, with their associated metadata using the following request.

Outputs a list of MIDs along with their metadata. The list a paginated using a cursor.

Updated on: 4/12/2024, 7:56:54 AM