# Emulation

Emulation features are only available in Sandbox environment.

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Tip – You can also rely on webhooks

For operations that cannot be emulated in the Sandbox, webhook examples are provided.

# Credit funds

To credit funds, check out the transfer emulations page.

# Operations

To emulate Account Statements in Sandbox, you need to generate fake operations for the desired month.

This can be done using the following request.

Here is an example of {payload}:

# Status

Wallets are created in a pending status that is usually very shortly after validated.

To emulate a different status, prefix the Wallet eventName attribute with the following characters.

Prefix walletStatus codeStatus Description
p.1 PENDING 120001 Information control
p.2 PENDING 120002 Late information control
c.3 CANCELED 120003 Wallet was closed internally
c.4 CANCELED 120004 Wallet was closed by the User
v.5 VALIDATED 120005 Wallet is valid

Wait a few minutes and make a GET /v1/wallets request for the Wallet you've just created. The API returns the Wallet with the emulated status.

# Example

Let's take an example in which we'd like to simulate a Wallet closed by the User.

With a {payload} containing the prefixed eventName:

The request returns the validated Wallet for now.

You need to retrieve the Wallet a few moments after the creation with the following request:

The Wallet object returned is CANCELED, with the mocked codeStatus:

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