# Environments

To help you integrate Treezor Connect API with your project, Treezor provides two distinct environments.

Each environment offers its own set of:

  • API URLs (different URLs must be used to access different environments)
  • Webhooks URLs (different webhook URLs must be used to receive events from different environments)
  • Credentials (different credentials must be used to access different environments)
  • Dataset (data - such as users - is sealed and doesn't leak one from environment to the next)
  • Features (features available in one environment may not be present in the next)
  • Dashboards
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Best practice – Choose your environement wisely

Each environment has a specific use case, you should use the environment best suited to the current stage of your development.

# Sandbox safe for testing

This environment receives stable releases and has identical features to the production environment.

It provides a safe place to test (with no consequences in the real world), develop and run functional tests with your CI tools before going to production:

  • Use case: Day-to-day software development.
  • URL scheme: https://<your-company-name>.sandbox.treezor.co when encountering {baseUrl} in code examples, replace it with this URL.

Please note that performances are slower than in Production due to the cold-start effect of low traffic on Serverless architectures. If this presents a critical issue, please get in touch with your Treezor Implementation Manager to set up automatic warmups.

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Alert – The following features and their webhooks are not available in Sandbox

Webhooks that cannot be sent in Sandbox are available through the documentation, giving you a reference of what to expect in Production.

# Production live

This environment is connected to the real world. It's the one your users experience and interact with, and on which you must comply with banking services regulations.

  • Use case: Production exclusively. Do NOT use it with your CI or other testing processes.
  • URL scheme: https://<your-company-name>.api.treezor.co
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Security – Keep your credentials safe

Don't share your credentials with anyone, especially for your Production environment.

Updated on: 4/18/2024, 11:46:43 AM