# KYC Request

Prior to requesting a KYC Review for a user, make sure that:

  • All the necessary declarative data has been provided in the User object
  • All the necessary Documents have been uploaded and checked
  • The country of tax residency has been properly declared
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Best practice – Submitting a KYB must be done for all users at once

The legal entity, its legal representative and shareholders will be reviewed as a whole. You can request for the KYB of the legal entity only once you have uploaded and validated all the required documents for all the corresponding users.

The more you abide by the rules of verification, the more efficient Treezor teams will be in verifying your users, allowing for a much smoother experience.

# Request a review of the user

You may use the following request to request a KYC Review from Treezor:

It returns the User object, with its kycLevel set to 0 (NONE) and kycReview set to 1 (PENDING).

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Information – In Production, your company is verified by Treezor's Compliance team

Verification usually takes about 24h, but may take up to 48h or more (working days only).

Updated on: 4/30/2024, 3:31:35 PM