# Wallets

Wallets are similar to bank accounts, each User at Treezor requires one to make any kind of banking operation.

# Accessing Wallets

You may access wallet information by:

  • Taking advantage of the main Search toolbar
  • Navigating the Profile Boards view, Wallets tab once a user is selected

# Search toolbar

The Dashboard main toolbar provides a series of search fields, most of them being based on user attributes.

Among those fields, the Wallet Id one takes into account the walletId of the Wallet.

wallet filter
Bulb icon

Tip – Find out more about the filters

You may read the Search toolbar article to learn everything you need to know about the search fields.

After clicking on the "Search" button for a given wallet, selecting the displayed wallet redirects you to the corresponding user Profile, Wallets tab.

# Profiles Board view, Wallets tab

Once you've accessed a user Profile, click on the Wallets tab in order to view all the wallets attached to the user.

wallets tab

The view is divided into two sections:

  • Wallets list – On the left-hand side, you can navigate and manage the user wallets.
  • Operations – On the right-hand side, you can view the operations of the selected wallet.

# Wallets list section

The Wallets tab displays the list of Wallets owned by the selected user.

The information displayed for each wallet depends on whether or not there are several wallets created:

single wallet list
multi wallet list

When clicking on the "More" button (vertical ellipsis), the following commands are available:

Name Description
receipt icon Wallet details Opens the Wallet Details popup, which displays all the information about the Wallet.
list icon Account details Downloads a PDF document with the account details (i.e., user name and address, the wallet IBAN, BIC, and account number).
pen icon Edit Wallet Opens the Edit Wallet popup, allowing you to update the Wallet name, tag, and description. The wallet type can also be changed as long as no operation occurred yet.
flag icon Statement Opens the Download Statement popup, allowing you to download the month and year of the statement. Then, when clicking on the "Download" button, a PDF Statement is downloaded.
cross icon Deactivate Wallet Deactivates the wallet. This action is irreversible.

# Wallet operations section

Once a wallet is selected, the corresponding Operations (if any) are displayed in the right-hand side of the view.

wallet operations section

The list of operations can be sorted, filtered and customized as you see fit.

Option Description
calandar icon Date range Allows you to define after (From) and/or before (To) which dates the operations are considered. Any operation whose date is not in the defined time frame is filtered out.
euro icon Amount range Allows you to define the minimum and maximum amounts for the operations to be considered. Any transaction outside the frame is filtered out.
filter icon Initial flow Allows you to only display operations whose initial flow is selected.
filter icon Operation type Allows you to only display operations whose type is selected.
Direction Allows you to only display operations whose direction is selected.
Clear Resets all the sorting and filtering options.
gear icon Organize columns Opens a panel that allows you to select which columns to display and in which order (drag & drop). You may save your changes or reset to the initial display by using the corresponding buttons.

# Creating a Wallet

Upon cliking on the "Add Wallet" button located in the upper right corner of the view, the Add Wallet popup is displayed.

In this popup, you can enter the Wallet name and type. Upon confirming the creation, the wallet is created.

wallet creation popup step 1
wallet creation popup 2

# Managing Wallets

# Deactivating a Wallet

You can deactivate a wallet using the Deactivate Wallet command available when cliking on the Wallet "More" button.

A Wallet can only be deactivated if:

  • There is no pending operation and
  • The balance equals to EUR 0.00

Once the Wallet deactivated, it displays a "Canceled" status and no operation can be done with this wallet.

canceled wallet

# Downloading operations

Operations stand for banking operations originating from or targeting a Wallet (i.e., Card Transactions, Payins, Payouts, and Transfers) and their refunds.

You can download the operations (CSV format) of the selected wallet by clicking on the "Download Operations" button located in the upper right corner of the Wallets tab.

download operations button

In the Download operations popup, 2 options are available.

Option Description
Download view Downloads the operations currently displayed in the Operations section while matching the filtering criteria. In this case, the operations amount will be displayed in euros (decimals).
Download within date range Downloads all operations in a defined date range. In this case, the operations amount will be displayed in cents.
download operations popup
books icon

Reading – Learn about transferring funds

You can make payouts and wallet-to-wallet transfers from the Dashboard. See the Transfers article for more information.

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