# Documents

Documents are used for KYC purposes, they are to be uploaded as evidence of the information users have declared.

Treezor offers 2 ways for end users to upload documents:

Alternatively, the Live verification process also collects the end user documents through a video.

Once reviewed by Treezor, users may be verified if everything is in order.

During the validation, each document's status (documentStatus) changes.

Once all documents have been reviewed for KYC, the User status (userStatus) changes too, to reflect the global KYC review decision.

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Configuration – Documents must:

  • Abide by size restrictions (encoded file < 6Mo / original file < 4.5Mo)
  • Be in mimetype: application/pdf, image/jpg, image/png, image/tiff, or image/svg+xml
  • Be converted to base64
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Reading – Learn more about KYC validation

# Upload (to Treezor API)

Upload to Treezor sequence diagram

In this process, the upload is split into two steps. In the first step you ask the coordinates and credentials (1) of an endpoint where the document can be uploaded (2).

Only then can you upload the document within an allocated timeframe (3).

These steps can be carried out from your servers, or by the end user using your mobile app and the appropriate scopes.

Once all documents have been uploaded, you can request the pre-review of the User by your Support Users.

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Tip – A pre-validation interface is available in the Dashboard

Your Support Users can use the Dashboard to pre-review documents without you having to develop your own interface.

Once all documents have been pre-reviewed, you can request a review by Treezor (9).

# You request an endpoint details

Request the necessary information to be able to upload a document of type 9 (ID Card).

Outputs an object containing the necessary information to carry out the next step.

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Information – The newly exposed endpoint expires after 300 seconds.

The file must therefore be uploaded within 5 minutes of this request.

# You upload the document to that form

You must use the previous response:

  • action as the URL
  • method as the method
  • enctype as the enctype
  • formFields as form inputs.

Your file is to be provided in the file input.

💡 The file is not expected in base64.

Answers with a 204 No Content HTTP Status Code, signaling that the file was succefuly uploaded.

# Request the pre-review

This step puts the User into pre-review. This allows your Support Users to see it in the list of Users to review in your Dashboard.

Answers with a 204 HTTP Status Code, without any output.

# You request a download URL

Downloading a document is a two-step process.

💡 The following endpoint can only be used to download a document during the pre-review phase. Once a document has been KYC reviewed, this endpoint cannot be used anymore to download it.

You first request an URL (5)

Outputs an object, containing an URL (url) attribute.

You can now download (7) the file using its url.

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Information – The newly exposed endpoint expires after 300 seconds.

The file must therefore be uploaded within 5 minutes of this request.

# You pre-validate the document

# ✅ Pre-Validation of a document

A status value of 2 is used for validation (8).

💡 Note that you should avoid special characters in the comment attribute of the pre-review.

Outputs an updated Document

💡 Once all documents have been pre-reviewed, the KYC review by Treezor is automatically triggered.

# ❌ Refusal of a document

A status value of 1 is used for refusal.

💡 Note that you should avoid special characters in the comment attribute of the pre-review.

Outputs an updated Document

# Upload (to your application)

Documents upload via agent application
  • User uploads documents to your application (requiring dedicated code on your side)
  • You check that the documents are acceptable
  • You forward the documents to POST /v1/documents endpoint
  • You request a review process using PUT /v1/users/{id}/Kycreview endpoint
  • Treezor sends you a user.kycreview webhook upon validation or refusal.

# You receive the documents

Your application or website must allow users to upload documents, and store them in your cloud infrastructure.

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Caution – Regulation

Depending on your local regulations, you may not be allowed to keep or store KYC documents on your infrastructure.

# Upload each document

Once the documents are available on your infrastructure, you can upload them to the API.

# Parameters

  • fileContentBase64 is the document itself, base64 encoded
  • userId is the id of the related user
  • documentTypeId is the type of document, see list below
  • name is the name of the document, including its extension

Outputs a Document with its id and URLs.

# Request a KYC Review of the User

Once you've uploaded all the necessary documents and you've provided the necessary information, you are able to request a KYC Review for the user.

# Download

Downloading a document is a two-step process:

  • You first request a download URL using the /v1/documents/{documentId}/download endpoint.
  • You then call the provided URL within 30 seconds, to download the document.

⚠️ Not all document types can be downloaded, allowed document types depend on your ACPR (opens new window)/ME (opens new window) approvals.

🔧 Downloads are not enabled by default. You can request access to this feature by contacting your Treezor Account Manager

# Request a download URL

Outputs an object containing the Document's URL.

# Download the document

# Document key attributes

Attribute Type Description
userId integer The unique identifier of the User.
documentStatus string The current KYC review status of the document. See table below.
documentTypeId integer The type of document, such as ID Card, driving licence, etc. See table below.
name string The name of the file, incuding the extension.
residenceId integer The unique identifier of the User's taxResidence, which is mandatory with documentTypeId set to 24 and 25.
fileContentBase64 string Base64-encoded file.

# Structure

# Types (documentTypeId)

documentTypeId Description
2 Police record
4 Company Registration
6 CV
7 Sworn statement
8 Turnover
9 Identity card
11 Bank Identity Statement
12 Proof of address
13 Mobile phone invoice
14 Invoice, other than Mobile phone invoice
15 Residence permit
16 Driving licence
17 Passport
18 Proxy granting an employee
19 Company registration official paper
20 Official tax certificate
21 Employee payment notice
22 User bank statement
23 Business legal status
24 Tax Statement
25 Exemption Statement
26 Liveness result
27 Health insurance card
29 RBE - List of beneficial owners
31 PEP - Assets Declaration
32 Professional - Revenue Declaration
33 Non-Profit Organisation - Financial Declaration
34 Certified Liveness Result
35 Natural Person - Revenue and Assets Declaration
36 Real Estate - Proof of ownership
37 Proof of Securities Exchange Listing
38 Identity Verification Form via an Authorized Third Party
39 Financial Statement
40 Public Accountant Statement
41 Family Record Book
42 Birth Certificate
43 Power of Attorney
44 Organisational Chart via an Authorized Third Party
45 Official Company Declaration via an Independent Third Party
46 Declaration of Activity and Revenues

# Status (documentStatus)

id codeStatus documentStatus Description
1 600001 pending PENDING Initial status before upload into the container
3 600003 pending PENDING Successfully uploaded into the container
2 600002 pending PENDING Suspected fraud or AML/CFT
4 600004 canceled CANCELED Cancelled by the user
5 600005 canceled CANCELED Cancelled by the operator
6 600006 canceled CANCELED Failed to write the document into the container
7 600007 canceled CANCELED Failed to read the document from the container
9 600009 yes checkmark VALIDATED Validated
8 600008 no cross REFUSED Refused
10 600010 no cross REFUSED Out of scope
11 600011 no cross REFUSED Expired
12 600012 no cross REFUSED Falsified
13 600013 no cross REFUSED Illegible
14 600014 no cross REFUSED Truncated document
15 600015 no cross REFUSED Truncated
16 600016 no cross REFUSED Incoherent
17 600017 no cross REFUSED Other
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