# Webhooks

Webhooks allow Treezor to send to an URL of your choice information regarding that event.

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Configuration – This Dashboard view is not available by default

Please contact your Treezor if you you're interested in this feature.

The Webhooks view displays the list of subscriptions for your Treezor environment.

Webhooks view

For each subscription, you can view the status ("Enabled", or "Pending"), the URL events are sent to, and the list of Events if specified.

The following commands are available:

Command Description
Add Webhook Prompts the Add a new webhook popup, allowing you to enter a URL to which events will be sent.
Modify Prompts the Update a webhook popup, allowing you to define which specific events to subscribe.
Delete Allows you to delete a subscription.

# Managing subscriptions

# Subscribing to events

You can create a new subscription by clicking on the "Add Webhook" button.

Add webhook button

In the prompted Add a new webhook popup, enter the URL to which the event notifications are to be sent.

Add webhook popup

The created webhook subscription is then added to the list, with a "Pending" status.

# Specifying event subscription

By default, you subscribe to all events upon creating a webhook.

You can specify to which events to subscribe by clicking on the "Modify" button. The Update a webhook popup is displayed, allowing you to select the desired events.

Add webhook popup
Add webhook popup
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Reading – Learn more about Webhooks

Please refer to the Webhooks section of the documentation to learn more about available events and the information they provide.

Once the desired events selected, click on the "Save changes" button to update the subscription.

Updated on: 3/7/2024, 3:05:48 PM