# Balances

# Balance of a specific Wallet

This checks the current Balance of the Wallet (how much money there is), making sure the funds have arrived. Note that the walletId is expected as a query parameter.

Outputs a Balance object, with both the Authorized Balance (authorizedBalance) and Balance (currentBalance).

# Balances of all Wallets

You can retrieve the Balances of multiple Wallets related to the same User. In this case, you provide a userId instead of a walletId in the query parameters.

Outputs as many Balances as the User has Wallets.

# Check the balance history

This checks the evolution of the balance over time. Only the walletId is mandatory, it is expected in the URL. It can optionnaly by restricted to a timeframe using dateFrom and dateTo.

Warning icon

Caution – Date expected format is YYYY-MM-DD

The timeframe dates do not follow the standard format and are instead expected as YYYY-MM-DD.

Updated on: 3/7/2024, 3:05:48 PM