Know Your Customer (KYC) refers to the verification of your users' identity. Part of this process consists in submitting documents to Treezor for validation, which can be done from the Dashboard.

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Learn more about the user verification process with the dedicated KYC article.

# Accessing user KYC information

You may access KYC information for a specific user in the Profiles Board view, KYC tab once a user is selected (learn more about accessing user information).

KYC tab

The KYC tab is made up of the following sections:

In the upper right corner, the following commands are available:

# Global KYC Status

The Global KYC Status section provides information about the KYC Status of the selected user.

Global KYC Status section

The following fields are displayed:

Field Description
KYC Type Can be one of the following values depending on the way documents are uploaded applied:
  • Classic – End user provided documents through your web application (or documents were uploaded by your Dashboard Users)
  • Liveness – End user followed a live verification process to check identity.
KYC Level Indicates the level of confidence in the level of KYC Review status. Read more in the KYC Levels article.
KYC Review Indicates the current KYC Review status of the User. Read more in the KYC Review status article.
Comment The comment left by Treezor's team regarding the KYC status.

In addition, the "See History" button opens the KYC History popup, in which you can see the past values for the aformentioned fields.

# Additional vigilance measure

Additional vigilance measures might be necessary to complete the user validation process. If so, you can check the status in the corresponding section.

Additional vigilance measures

The following information is available:

  • Status – Pending or Settled (if the wallet received at least 1 payin (SCT) with a "Settled" status).
  • Incoming transfers – Indicates the amount (sum) and the number of payins (SCT) with a "Settled" status.

When clicking on the "See details" button, the Additional vigilance measure popup is displayed, providing the list of SCT payins made with the following key attributes: Operation date, Type, Date, Transmitter, Amount, and Status.

# KYC documents to review

This section lists documents that you must review prior to requesting a KYC review to Treezor.

Documents to review

Documents are displayed if:

  • The end user uploaded documents from your application
  • Your Dashboard Users uploaded a document for your end users

The following commands are available:

Action Description
view button Review document Opens the read-only version of the Document to review popup, allowing you to validate or refuse the document.
download button Delete document Deletes the document.

# Document to review popup

The Document to review popup displays a preview of the uploaded document on the left-hand side, and details of the document on the right.

In order to review a document:

  1. Click on the "Validated" or "Refused" chip depending on your choice.
  2. Add a comment in the "Company comment" field if necessary.
  3. Click on the now enabled "Submit" button.

Once reviewed, the document is displayed in the Documents processed section.

Document to review popup

# KYC documents processed

The KYC documents processed section lists all documents that have been prereviewed and/or submitted to Treezor.

Documents processed

The actions column provides the following commands:

Action Description
view button View Opens the read-only version of the Document to review popup.
download button Download Downloads the document.
delete button Delete Deletes the document.

# Uploading KYC Documents

Usually, end users are the ones uploading their KYC documents through your application. In some cases, however, your Dashboard Users might upload documents for the end users.

When clicking on the "Add KYC Document" button, the Upload KYC document popup is displayed. From there, you can select a document type, then upload the file while abiding by the requested format and weight.

upload document popup
upload document popup with doc

If the upload is successful, the document appears in the KYC documents to review section.

# Pre-reviewing a document

When using the upload of documents with pre-review feature, you can see all pending pre-review Users in the User docs prending pre-review view of the Dashboard.

The table displays a line listing pending documents for each user (identified by the User ID) with at least one document requiring prereview.

Documents pending pre-review table

Document chips are color-coded as follows:

  • Yellow – The document needs pre-review (no company status selected yet)
  • Red – The document has been refused

When clicking on a document chip, the corresponding Preview Document popup is displayed, allowing you to review the document information (in the same way as the Document to review popup).

To validate or reject a document, select the correspoding "Company status" (either "Validated" or "Refused") and click on the "Submit" button to complete your review.

# Requesting a KYC review by Treezor

When all the necessary documents have been uploaded and properly pre-reviewed, you can request a review from Treezor.

To do so, click on the "Submit KYC to Treezor" button located in the upper right corner of the Profiles Board view, KYC tab.

Submit to Treezor button
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Information – In Production, your company is verified by Treezor Compliance team

Verification usually takes about 24h, but may take up to 48h or more (working days only).

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