# Support Users

Support Users represent your employees.

Contrary to end users, Support Users cannot have Wallets, Cards and cannot initiate Transfers or other funds related operations.

There are however able to use the Dashboard.

# Creation

Two fields are required to create a Support User:

  • username will be used to log in (it cannot be changed afterwards)
  • password expected in cleartext

An optional samlKey field can be provided to link automatically a Support User to a Dashboard OAuth2 client.

# Retrieval

Returns the Support User object.

# Update

Here is an example of {payload}:

Returns the updated Support User object.

# Deletion

Answers with a 204 HTTP Status Code without any content.

Note icon

Note – At least one Support User must exist

You can't delete a Support User if they are the last one with the support_user_management scope. This ensures that at least one Support User remains able to create new ones.

# Endpoints

Endpoint Description Scope
/core-connect/support-user/{id} Retrieve a Support User based on its id support_user_management
/core-connect/support-user Retrieve all Support Users support_user_management
/core-connect/support-user Create a Support User support_user_management
/core-connect/support-user/{id} Update a Support User support_user_management
/core-connect/support-user/{id} Delete a Support User support_user_management
Updated on: 4/24/2024, 12:38:33 PM