# Wallet-to-Wallet Transfers

You can transfers funds from Wallet to Wallet, without using the SEPA network, offering much quicker transfers.

Transfers are instantaneous, are available 24/7 and can be scheduled (see Scheduled Payments). They send transfer.create webhooks and are mapped to Transfers objects.

Wallet to Wallet Transfers
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Prerequisites – Funds can be transferred if:

  • Both Wallets are active and belong to your Treezor environment
  • The Authorized Balance of the debited Wallet is sufficient
  • The amount is within the sender's KYC limits and greater or equal to €0,05

# Creation

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Information – SCA depends on the user the credited Wallet belong to (beneficiaryWalletId)

  • Per session – If the credited Wallet belongs to the user initiating the transfer
  • Per operation – If the credited Wallet doesn't belong to the user initiating the transfer

# Parameters

Attribute Type Description
walletId integer The unique identifier of the Wallet to be debited.
beneficiaryWalletId integer The unique identifier of the Wallet to be credited.
amount float The amount of the Transfer.
currency string The currency of the Transfer. Both Wallets must have the same currency. As of today, can only be EUR.
transferTypeId integer The type of Transfer, which can be:
  • 1 (default) – Wallet-to-Wallet Transfer
  • 3 – Client fees, which allows you to debit fees from end users wallets
  • 4 – Credit note, which allows you handle reimbursement of charges
transferTag string Custom attribute to use as you see fit. Learn more in the Object tags article.
label string Custom data.
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Best practice – Make good use of the transferTypeId parameter

Using the transferTypeId=3 when billing your customers for your services is strongly recommended. Improper use of transferTypeId prevents you from displaying fees on Account Statements.

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API – Swagger documentation available

For a complete list of Transfer attributes, check the Transfers section of the Swagger.

# Request example

Here is a {payload} example:

Returns the Transfer object if successful:

A transfer.create webhooks is also sent.

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Note – Treezor sends 1 webhook per transfer-related event

Treezor doesn't send a webhook per Wallet (e.g., one for the debited Wallet and another for the credited Wallet). Ony one transfer.create and transfer.update webhook is sent per transfer-related event.

# Endpoints

Endpoint Description Scope
GET /v1/transfers Search Transfers read_only
POST /v1/transfer Create a Transfers read_write
GET /v1/transfers/{transferId} Retrieve a Transfer using its id read_only
DELETE /v1/transfers/{transferId} Delete a Transfer using its id read_write
Last Updated: 4/10/2024, 7:14:25 AM